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Presentations Include . . .

Rosemary Gladstar circle

Rosemary Gladstar
15 Herbs To Increase Your Energy And Vitality

Donna Gates circle

Donna Gates
An Anti-Viral Protocol: Natural Control Of Influenza, Herpies, Hepatitus A/B/C, Shingles, And Other Viruses

Patrick Jones circle

Dr. Patrick Jones
When You’re Sick As A Dog…And You ARE A Dog: Herbal Medicine For Pets

Kami McBride circle

Kami McBride
Your Herbal Kitchen

Rosalee de la Floret circle

Rosalee de la Foret
Herbal Bitters: Plants To Heal Your Digestion and Soothe Your Nerves

Hannah Crum circle

Hannah Crum
How To Start A Kombucha Business

Sajah Popham circle

Sajah Popham
Holistic Therapeutics For The Respiratory System

mark albrecht

Mark Albrecht
Keeping Your Back And Knees Supple And Strong

Bevin Clare circle

Bevin Clare
Herbal Medicine Kit For International Travelers

Elena Upton circle

Elena Upton
Introduction To Homeopathy

Sarah Klein circle

Sarah Klein
DIY Healing Of The Nervous System

Lori Rose circle

Lori Valentine Rose, PhD, RH
Herbs For Energy: Spoiler-> It’s NOT Adrenal Fatigue!

Greg Marsh circle

Greg Marsh
3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

Mary Blue circle

Mary Blue
Beautiful Skin From The Inside Out

Kate Hope circle

Kate Hope
12 Steps To Sleep Like A Baby

John Moody circle

John Moody
Beyond Elderberry Syrup: Everything You Wanted To Know About Elder But Were Afraid To Ask

Nicola Dehlinger circle

Dr. Nicola Dehlinger
The Inner Game To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Sarah Murphy circle

Sarah Murphy
Herbs For Liver Health

Nastasha Clarke circle

Natasha Clarke
The Poetry Of Rose Medicine

Maria Noel Groves circle

Maria Noel Groves
Brain Boosting Herbs

Ananta Ripa Ajmera circle

Ananta Ripa Ajmera
How To Improve Digestion With Ayurveda

Angie Barger circle

Angie Barger
The 5 Tastes Of Herbs: An Ancient Methodology For Determining Healing Power

Julie James circle

Julie James
Topical Pain Relief With Herbs

Stephanie Boucher circle

Stephanie Boucher
DIY Cannabis Medicine: Oil Infusions, Topicals, And Edibles

Stephanie Syson circle

Stephanie Syson
Why Biodynamically Grown Herbs Make The Highest Potency Medicine

Tom Bartels circle

Tom Bartels
Perfect DIY Design Ideas For Backyard Gardens

Susan Leopold circle

Susan Leopold
Celebrating 25 Years Of United Plant Savers: Why It Matters To Know Where Your Medicine Comes From!

Brendan Kelly circle

Brendan Kelly
Healing Lyme Disease Naturally


Lynn Gillespie
How To Make The Ultimate Kidney Wrap

Traci Donat circle

Traci Donat
How To Make Mineral Rich And Immune Building Herbal Vinegars At Home

Pamela Spence circle

Pamela Spence
Gathering Autumn: Herbs For Support In Fall And Winter

Shana Lipner circle

Shana Lipner
Using Oils As Solvents In The Kitchen For Nutrition, Flavor, & Medicine

Patrick Jones circle

Dr. Patrick Jones
Be Nice To Yer Weeds, They Just Might Save Your Life

Jennifer Galbraith circle

Jennifer Galbraith
Heart-Healthy Herbs For Circulation

Jana Bogs circle

Jana Bogs
Going Beyond Organic To Nutrition Grown

Elena Upton circle

Elena Upton
Homeopathic First Aid Kit

Jaqueline Freeman circle

Jaqueline Freeman
Working With Nature To Create Healthy Homes For Bees

Nicola Dehlinger circle

Dr. Nicola Dehlinger
7 Simple Steps To A Successful Detox

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DIY Herbal Pain Relief Kit!

Stock Your Medicine Kit With These 2 Powerful Remedies

Wild Lettuce: Nature’s Gift For Pain Relief – eBook

38 Page in-depth eBook that introduces you to this common but often forgotten herb that provides a powerful – and safe – pain remedy. Discover the long history of this amazing medicinal plant and exactly how to grow (or find), harvest, and prepare it so you too can replace commercial pain medications in your medicine kit with an effective alternative.

Wild Lettuce (Lactuca virosa) Seeds *

Grow Your Own Pain Relief!
Take the trouble out of finding a good supply of the right type of Wild Lettuce by growing your own! I’ll send you a generous portion of Wild Lettuce (Lactuca virosa) seeds so you can grow your own potent and safe herbal pain remedies.

Medicine Making Kit *

The Simplest And Most Common Preparations Every Medicine Maker Needs To Know
From herbal infusions, to herbal pills, and liniments. You’ll receive one assorted Medicine Making Kit and the related training. They are the easiest of preparations and are a great gateway into home herbalism!


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Making Herbal Medicine Kit

Learn to take care of 95% of your common healthcare needs, at home, safely, with medicines you make yourself in your kitchen.

Each Medicine Making Kit is lovingly handcrafted and carefully designed to get you started making and using your own medicine immediately.

The 8 lesson training and kit contains all the materials and knowledge you need to begin your journey as a Medicine Woman or Medicine Man.

And when you complete both certifications, let us know and we’ll send you your “I’m a Medicine Woman/Man” T-shirt!

2nd PRIZE: A $130 Value

1500mg CBD Oil Infused With Terpenes

High-Strength CBD

Formulated Especially For Pain and Inflammation

Contains All-Natural Cannabidiol (CBD) And Other Cannabinoids,

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits, but does not make you “high.” The non-psychoactive property of CBD makes it an appealing option for patients looking for relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, psychosis, seizures, spasms, and other conditions . . . without the lethargy.


3rd PRIZE: A $90 Value

Stong & Sexy Infusions Kit

The Shockingly Easy Way To Get Real Nutrition That You Can See, Touch, and Taste!

This is such a revolutionary way to get real nutrition that I decided to make a kit to help you do this. I’ve carefully selected the top 3 nutritional herbs and packaged them into a kit to make is super easy for you to get started. ​I’ve ​done all the research for you and made sure that these are the highest quality herbs, organically grown, and specially selected for their high nutrition.

This kit has a full 24 servings. It includes three 8 ounce bags of the top nutritional herbs; Nettles, Oat Straw, and Raspberry Leaf.

4th PRIZE: A $80 Value

Alternatives To Dentists DVD + Dental Starter Kit

The Alternatives To Dentists DVD, Teaches you how to save $1000s on dental care by healing and naturally repairing your own teeth.

Learn how to maintain the health of your teeth:

  • WITHOUT using toxic chemicals like fluoride!
  • WITHOUT traumatic dental procedures like drilling, extractions, or surgery!
  • But instead, only using things found in nature!

Winner will receive both the DVD set & lifetime Digital access + the Dental Starter Kit.

alternatives to dentist

5th PRIZE: A $80 Value

How To Grow Half Your Own Food DVD & Digital Set

How to Grow Half Your Own Food, is designed specifically for people who are looking for an easy-to-follow plan that will greatly increase the nutritional value of their diets, without making a significant impact on their budget or schedule.

If you fall in to one or more of the categories below, then this system is designed just for you:

  • People with Busy Schedules
  • People with Limited Space
  • People who Want an Instant Setup with no Trial and Error

The set includes all the information you need to begin implementing the three components of this simple new system.

how to grow half your own food

6th PRIZE: A $80 Value

Treating Infections Without Antibiotics DVD & Digital Set

The Treating Infections Without Antibiotics DVD, a 10-lesson video series that gives you the skills to treat common everyday injuries that would normally have you running to the doctor.

Discover how to treat these injuries:

  • Burns
  • Snake & Spider Bites
  • Staph Infections
  • Sprains
  • Broken Toes or Fingers
  • Cuts & Lesions
  • and More . . .

Winner will receive both the DVD set & lifetime Digital access.

7th PRIZE: A $40 Value

100% Pure Equisetum hyemale Tooth Powder

Our small supply was hand-wildcrafted by Doug Simons himself! Carefully harvested from the most pristine of natural habitats, far from any chemical residues or toxins.

The winner will receive 1 full ounce—a month’s supply if used as Doug recommends. This is the herb (in an easy-to-take powder form) that is featured and highly recommended in Doug Simons’ video, “Alternatives To Dentists.”

This is a rare opportunity to get the highest quality Equisetum hyemale that can be found anywhere.

equisetum hyemale powder

8th PRIZE: A $35 Value

Medicine Making Kit: Infused Oils, Salves, and Lotions

Did you know that your skin is the largest gateway for your body to experience the actions of herbal medicines?

It’s true! One of the best ways to receive the benefits of herbal medicines is through creating your own healing and soothing topical remedies!

The Infused Oils, Salves, and Lotions Kit provides you with everything you need to make herbal infused oils, salves, and lotions, so you too can confidently treat many skin issues with your own medicines.

9th PRIZE: A $30 Value

Medicine Making Kit: Poultices, Wound Sprays, & Fomentations

As one of the first forms of medicine, poultices have proven over thousands of years to be among the most effective ways to benefit from the medicinal properties of herbs.

Often overlooked, poultices (and more modern preparations of sprays, washes, and fomentations), are powerful tools that you simply can’t forget to have in your herbal first aid kit.

The Poultice, Wound Spray, & Fomentations Kit provides you with everything you need, so you too can confidently address common issues like painful wounds, burns, and inflamations with your own medicines.

10th PRIZE: A $30 Value

CBD Revive Lotion 300mg

The Grow Network’s CBD Revive lotion is mild, but potent, and absorbs quickly to promote healthy skin without being greasy. Our CBD lotion is specially formulated to be gentle enough for use as a daily moisturizer and, providing effective, all-day moisture that deeply nourishes and soothes your skin.

Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Aloe Vera is combined with our all-natural CBD hemp oil and a host of beneficial and organic ingredients to bring you the easiest, most enjoyable, and therapeutic way to Revive your skin.

  • 300mg CBD – Provides gentle, effective rejuvenation.
  • 100% THC free – Potent and therapeutic with none of the “high”.
  • Soothing, natural lavender scent – You won’t find any synthetic fragrances here!
  • Organic Extracts and Oils – Providing holistic healing benefits for your skin.
  • Proudly grown, harvested, produced, and tested in the USA.

11th PRIZE: A $30 Value

Freeze CBD Roll-On 150mg

The Grow Network Freeze CBD Roll On is one of the most effective and natural remedies for many people who suffer from chronic pain. While taking CBD Oil internally can be a great way to experience the medicinal benefits of the hemp plant . . . for body aches and pains . . . an external application can be even more effective.

Our proprietary ingredient mix is specifically crafted for deep absorption to quickly alleviate joint pain, stiffness, and muscular tenderness.

The Grow Network Freeze CBD Roll On comes in a convenient no drip, roll-on applicator. Providing a non-greasy, deeply absorbing, and targeted way to get the benefits of CBD right where you need it.

freeze cbd 150mg rollon1

12th PRIZE: A $20 Value

Medicine Making Kit: Tinctures, Glycerites, & Vinegars

Tinctures and extractions are the classic home medicine preparations and are often the first methods of extracting an herb’s constituents that new herbalists learn to make.

And for good reason! They are simple to make, super-concentrated (a little goes a long way), easy to dose, and when stored properly they have an incredible shelf-life.

The Tinctures, Glycerites, and Vinegars Kit provides you with most everything you need to make herbal tinctures, glycerites, and vinegars, so you too can confidently make these versatile, and effective medicines at home.

13th PRIZE: A $12 Value

CBD Infused Bath Bomb Powder 50mg

Sooth And Calm Your Skin, Ease Aches And Pains, Uplift And Reinvigorate Your Senses, And Let All The Stresses Go With Our Incredible Hemp-Infused Bath Bomb Powder

The Grow Network’s Hemp-Infused Bath Bomb Powder is one of the most relaxing and fragrant ways to heal your skin and soothe your aches.

Nourishing and hand-made, our bath bomb powder contains a relaxing 100% organic essential oil blend and CBD isolates that provide a mild but therapeutic 50mg CBD per bottle. Custom made to be your go-to natural remedy for sore muscles, dry skin, stress, and inflammations, and as you’d expect, it contains no artificial dyes, detergents, or preservatives.

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