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Nightshades Illuminated
Sayer ji
  • What are the health risks, and health benefits of eating nightshades?
  • Does cooking make tomatoes a healthier food? (Yes!)
  • How to know if you are sensitive to night shades (learn a specific protocol)
  • The dangers of DEET in commercial insect repellents (especially in children)
  • 3 Natural insect repelling agents scientific studies have shown to be more effective and safer than DEET
  • Includes a comprehensive discussion on the nature of insect repellents, as well as a recipe for how to create your own!
  • Why sodas are fake versions of fermented drinks
  • How to ferment milk kefir, water kefir, Kombucha and Jun at home for pennies a glass
  • The difference between Kombucha & Jun
  • 4 Local sources of nutritious food that is NOT the grocery store
  • Using the power of networking to get deeply nutritous food
  • How to make your own green powders for smoothies
  • The #1 item missing from 99% of all first aid kits
  • How to make sure you don’t get killed helping the injured
  • How to take body vital signs with confidence
Auto-Immune Healing Protocols
Jonathan Otto
  • Learn the common causes behind all of the 100+ autoimmune diseases, whether it’s Thyroid disease, Arthritis, MS, Lupus, Colitis or even Alzheimer’s, Dementia or another one of the many autoimmune conditions
  • Learn the critical role parasites and heavy metal toxicity play in autoimmune disease
  • Learn detoxifying methods that can be done from home to help solve the root issue and reduce or eliminate symptoms while cleansing
  • How far in advance of conception should you prepare your body?
  • What is the best interval for child spacing?
  • Where to find sacred foods to prepare your body
  • Learn how the most common causes of death in men are rooted in preventable diseases
  • Update your definition of a “heart healthy” diet
  • Discover how simple, low or no-cost lifestyle and diet practices like “superhydration” and “earthing” can make a huge difference in your health
  • Todd discusses his experience with the ketogenic diet; specifically, what it is, how to begin, what struggles you may encounter, and how to overcome them
  • Then, he presents his mission to help people enjoy a healthy lifestyle through the elevated experience of wine
  • Todd walks the viewer through how Dry Farm Wines was born; why healthy wine is an important part of his lifestyle and how to find healthy, organic Natural Wines that are keto-friendly
  • The 3 root causes of imbalance in the body (and the source of disease)
  • The 4 methods of diagnosis in Tibetian Medicine (and which ones you can do yourself at home)
  • Traditional constitutional typology and personalized approaches to healing
Maximize Storage Nutrition of 10 Crops With These Fast and Easy Techniques
Tom Bartels
  • Simple drying and canning tips for herbs and veggies
  • Easy fall prep for winter “green drinks”
  • How to preserve potatoes, tomatoes, squash, pesto and more!
  • Specific steps to take when dealing with a medical emergency in a remote, austere or post-disaster scenario
  • The Golden rule in emergency medicine
  • Sticks and rags first aid (for when you have no supplies)
  • Learn where hidden forms of toxicity may be lurking in your home
  • Do you have trouble sleeping? Learn how these common items interfere with melatonin production
  • 7 Alternatives to home cleaning products
  • Learn how to integrate preventative herbal care with your livestock (including chickens!)
  • Learn about simple herbal salves and tinctures to keep on hand for emergencies
  • Learn how to add herbs to livestock feed and waterers
  • Learn why Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut.”
  • Take a trip through your digestive system and discover why you are not just what you eat, but HOW you eat
  • Learn how your nervous system is intertwined with your digestive system and simple tools you can add in to support these two powerhouses
Reverse Diabetes Naturally
Sharon Porter
  • The carb addiction cycle and why it’s so hard to quit eating sugar
  • How to melt away those stubborn extra 10, 20, or 50 lbs
  • How to prepare your body to better digest fats
  • How to Create Your Own, Personal Farmacy
  • Herbs that are easy to grow, maintain, and harvest
  • The 3 keys to a super successful garden
  • How to make your yard a secret pharmacy
  • 7 Weeds that are great medicines
  • Learn to create micro environments to grow non-native species
  • How to make the topic of herbal energetics user-friendly and practical for everyone
  • Practice creating energetically-balanced formulas for 4 examples clients so you can do it yourself after the presentation
  • How to find the perfect herbs to satisfy the needs of a formula for a person instead of a disease name
  • How to support local farmers by buying their food and creating outlets for them to make money and thrive
  • Regenerative organic farming practices – beyond organic
  • Teaching farms to teach others in regenerative farming practicies
5 Wild Food With Super Nutrition: How to ID and Prepare
Scott Sexton
  • Learn how to confidently identify 5 wild edible plants with more nutrition than anything in your garden – These plants grow all over the world. This will apply to you!
  • Learn a recipe for an herbal coffee substitute
  • Learn how to get your daily recommended intake of many different vitamins and minerals in only 1 cup of plants
  • 12 Major herbs that holistically support digestion
  • Understand the importance of tissue state energetics to find the right remedies for the right person
  • How gut restoration can prevent serious chronic diseases, autoimmunity, skin conditions, energy levels, mental clarity and more
  • 5 Hugely successful community building projects powered by wild weeds
  • The common weed that has more calcium than milk
  • Learn to make a poulitce of wild weeds to help a dislocated elbow
  • What Bio-regional Herbalism is, and why it is so important
  • 5 ways to become more connected to the plants around you
  • The 13 common weeds you need to know
  • Follow along on daily chores to see just what it takes to keep a family cow
  • Understand EXACTLY what you’ll need and how much it costs
  • Find out how to milk in a safe and humane way
Herbal First Aid
Dr. Patrick Jones
  • learn to identify herbs that are readily available in many of the places where first aid emergencies are likely to occur
  • Learn to manage 25 different first aid scenarios using readily-available plants and weeds
  • Learn the Nifty Duct Tape Trick for easy wound closure
  • The difference between teas and infusions
  • Why infusions are better than water for rehydration
  • The best herbs to use in herbal honeys
  • 3 Secrets for an easy, small, super nutrient-dense gardens
  • The 3 most common pests and how to thwart them
  • Time saving tricks to get FAST, fresh, delicious food on your table
  • Home Medicine is much more than just the herbs or techniques. It is also about family, community, meaningful work, and living a life of purpose. In this beautifully filmed video, you experience the moving story of how a father and son decided to improve a bridge in their community and demonstrate the full range of healthy living.
  • Why antibiotics are not effective against colds and flues
  • 3 Herbs that are more effective then flu vaccines
  • How to recognize the difference between colds and flu
  • Fast paced and empowering, this presentation gets down to the numbers of calories produced, square footage required, and exactly what to do on a daily basis
  • 3-part system for producing your own food in a backyard sized space
  • The focus is on food production in a grid down scenario
The Return to Wholeness: The Wisdom of the 5 Buddha Families
Lama Tsultrim
  • Explore the ancient Buddhist paradigm of the mandala as it applies to both our inner path of transformation and to our outer experience in the world
  • How to transform negative thougts and emotions into enlightment
  • The 5 families and how to determine which you are in
  • Herbs to support the women in the ‘great change’
  • How ‘horny goat weed’ got it’s name
  • Natural approaches to healthy digestion and weight loss
  • Gain a better understanding of your plants and begin to learn from them directly
  • Learn ancient knowledge from Doug’s 20+ years of experience from living, almost wild, with many indigenous tribes
  • Increase your connection to the plant world
  • What to know when buying herbal supplements and medicines
  • How to create a Botanical Sanctuary in your yard
  • Questions to ask before using plants that are wild harvested
  • Create salves, tinctures, poultices, and other herbal remedies for your medicine kit
  • Find out which items you need to keep handy in an emergency situation
  • Learn a recipe for home made, herbal Neosporin