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Food Forensics
Mike Adams
  • Why Mike Adams, and all his Lab scientists, carry weapons.
  • The three steps to reduce your toxic load.
  • Why even a perimeter shopper isn’t good enough anymore.
  • Regenerative agriculture:  the next stage of organic food and farming
  • Connecting the dots between soil, public health, the environment, and climate crises
  • Why almost every environmental & public health problem can be traced back to modern food production

This is a hands-on, easily digestible talk for both lay person and herbalist.

  • What is the unique shade of our angst and anxieties?
  • What herbs and homeopathy best fit specific symptom pictures
  • Herbs and natural remedies are safe and effective alternatives to prescription medication

• The herbal that’s excellent for strengthening bones, teeth, hair, and nails.
• Boundary medicine that’s an excellent gum tightener & teeth cleaner.
• The skin-nourishing oil with considerable health benefits.
• How to HARMONIZE your skin with the sun—and avoid sunburns!



  • How a trip to a convenience store changed Kari’s life
  • 6 ways to design your garden for efficiency
  • How to choose the plants best for you to grow
  • The single best tool to maximize your garden yields
  • Learn tips for mortgage-free home ownership.
  • Learn how to become successfully unemployed.
  • How to have energy costs of less than $300 per year living in Montana
  • Examples of homes for sale, in the US right now, for under $30k


If you’ve struggled to learn about birds in the past, this course will lay out a clear plan to shift that story for you. You’ll learn the 7 Questions to ask yourself that will help you identify any bird, anywhere.

  • 4 rarely talked about, but essential, ingredients to becoming a masterful birder and how not to make the typical beginner mistakes.
  • Simple practical tools you can put into action right away.
  • The 7 step process to identify any bird, anywhere.
Making Herbal Medicine
Patrick Jones
  • Clinical Herbalist & Veterinarian Dr. Patrick Jones Shares how to make healing medicines from common plants
  • Do it yourself using tools you probably ALREADY have in your kitchen
  • See why making your own medicines is empowering and fun.
  • Become a self-reliant “HomeGrown” herbalist.

Learn what An “Organic Label” Really Means (and no, it is not healthier or more nutritious).

  • Is ‘intravenous food’ (a.k.a. hydroponics) really organic?
  • Why “Industrial Organics” isn’t that much healthier or nutritious than conventionally grown foods.
  • Why “Organic” labelled food isn’t what you think

Reduce weeding, prevent soil compaction, and make your garden beautiful!

  • How we built our unique raised bed design
  • Tips for building soil and growing vegetables in beds
  • Best food and medicine to grow in raised bed gardens (and what to avoid)


Our gardens need sunlight to flourish, but there so many other ways to capture and use sunlight. Discover ways your sunlight can:

  • Kill insects, seeds, fungus and bacteria in used potting soil to restore it to its original sterile state.
  • Dry herbs without breaking down the essential oils and vitamins to increase nutrients.
  • Be better prepared for Emergencies.


  • What you need to know before you start a business as an herbalist
  • How to take your healing skills to the professional level
  • The realities of becoming a professional herbalist
  • Why you don’t want to do more than one of the three types of herbal businesses
  • Grow the right seed crops for your region
  • An overview of basic seed saving terms and clarifications
  • Understanding selections and adaptation
  • An introduction to simple plant breeding that you can do to breed your own vegetables


  • Discover how practicing four simple habits can lead to healthier soil and better harvests
  • Find out how to test your soil health for free and in 10 minutes or less
  • Learn the 3 biggest composting mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Explore how you can use the connections between soil and plants to your advantage in the garden
  • Busting the myth of the ‘cult of seed experts’
  • Why saving seeds from hybrids can be the most exciting thing you can do
  • How the backyard mistake of an insurance salesman created one of the best crops ever
  • List of the 9 most easiest crops to grow
The Taste of Herbs: Finding the Perfect Herb and Herbal Preparation for YOU!
Lori Rose
  • Using Ancient Greek medicine into modern herbal healing
  • How the taste of an herb can tell you its healing action
  • The 7 taste profiles of herbs
  • How black coffee depletes minerals in your system (and how to prevent it)


  • The oiling of America: exposing the politics of the low-fat agenda.
  • Why we’ve become like spoiled children in how we eat.
  • The extraordinary health benefits of a diet rich in quality fats
  • Where to get a FREE copy of the “Baptist Woman’s Cookbook
  • How your gut health and soil health are related
  • How to organically create ‘natures pesticide’
  • How to “Stockpile Fertility” using leaves
  • Nature’s best pesticide: diversity
  • Historic Methods of Subterranean Gardening
  • Why They Work, and Where…
  • How to Build a Trampoline Garden: Start to Finish
  • Digging, Draining, Doors, and More..

Learn about normal poultry behaviors so that you will recognize when things aren’t normal.

  • Identify and manage behavior problems
  • 13 common chicken ailments and how to treat them
  • Should you vaccinate your chickens?
  • When do you need to quarantine your birds?
  • Establishing Values for Your Life and Business
  • The Power of Saying NO
  • The Simplicity Imperative in Life and Business
  • How to set priorities that will simplify your life and business
Planning Your Best Homestead Ever
Justin Rhodes

Justin will show you how to layout your property and possibly change your life.

  • Learn how to layout your homestead for maximum efficiency.
  • Understand ZONE planning to know exactly where to put EVERYTHING.
  • Walk away with a “no guess” formula for knowing the right place for everything.

Meet 8 favorite garden herbs that can calm the nerves, help with digestion, heal the skin, kick a cold and more!

  • Flowers, weeds, leaves and seeds, find out which ones are used for what
  • Reduce reliance on over the counter drugs with your garden herbs
  • Gain confidence in your ability to reach into your garden to take care of common ailments
  • Meet the Meishan pig- Up close and eyes on this unique breed
  • 3 models for raising pigs on small farms
  • An extremely docile, easy to raise, yet flavorful and healthy pig
  • Why conserving our livestock genetics is vital for your future
  • Which parts of a kids garden you should do, and what the kids should do
  • How to have a garden entirely planted, maintained, and harvested by kids!
  • 3 garden ‘themes’ that kids cannot resist

Growing your own food in your gout garden is easy, and the foods you grow are your anti-inflammatory drugs!

  • 15 best foods to eat to reduce or eliminate gout
  • The best ways to prepare foods to maximize their gout killing powers
  • 7 other factors (beyond diet) in reducing gout


  • Secrets for growing GREAT TASTING tomatoes
  • Transplanting tips from the pros
  • Avoid these disease triggers.
  • Getting your soil just right for best success
10 Plants That Can Change Your Life
Patrick Jones
  • Discover 10 plants that are powerful medicines that can make significant improvements in your wellness.
  • Learn to source each one locally, or grow it yourself!
  • How to help, heal, and even save lives with each of these “weeds.”

Learn how you can gain meat independence: defined by some poultry, a bit of hunting, and a feeder pig.

  • Grow hundreds of pounds of amazing meat in your own backyard
  • Learn what to expect in costs when raising pigs
  • Avoid beginner mistakes when raising your first pigs
  • Growing an herb bar for guests to add their own condiments to their drinks
  • 39 different container ideas for growing herbs and vegetables
  • 5 tips for success growing in containers.
  • “Ketchup & Fries” growing tomatoes and potatoes in one pot – a great kids project!

Learn how fermentation offers the best preservation for health and flavor.

  • Go way beyond the sauerkraut probiotic into Live Hot Sauce
  • 3 Medicinal powers of fermented hot sauce
  • Fantastic flavors that help your gut biome
  • See which planting patterns draw the most pollinators to your garden
  • Create beautiful and inexpensive watering stations to keep pollinators healthy
  • Be frugal and efficient — plant the right flowers, bushes and trees that pollinators need
  • Bee & Plant Sex. Oh, baby. Yeah.
  • Near net zero energy greenhouse design and considerations
  • Climate Battery technology (passive/active subterranean greenhouse heating and cooling system)
  • Creating food, medicine, fertilizer, and fodder in one easy system
  • How to use coppice plants in a greenhouse for fertility and mulch
Cardiovascular Health
Sayer Ji
  • How this one nutrient (sunlight) deficiency is more deadly than smoking
  • Why naked gardening is good for you
  • Why chocolate is likely superior to any pharmaceutical for heart health
  • Is coffee good or bad for your heart?
  • Learn how to use common herbs to create ceremony and sacred space in your daily life.
  • A powerful herb smudging ritual that you can use to clear stagnant energies in your living space and bring in vibrant new life force flow.
  • A spiritual plant bathing ritual (including which herbs to use) that you can do in your own home to cleanse your aura and rejuvenate your energy body.
  • Discover 3 sacred herbs for enhanced sleep and lucid dreaming, and how to use them for optimal effects.

Learn to perform three simple grafts anyone can do at home. Lose your fear of grafting forever!

  • The three kinds of grafts and when to use them
  • 5 reasons to graft trees
  • Learn why growing trees from seed makes sense
  • Increase your vegetable garden harvest 15% without doing any extra work
  • What to do with underperforming plants
  • Play the hand that nature deals you to maximize yields
  • How to go ALL IN: squeeze more food into your small vegetable garden even if you have a short growing season

Become aware of deficiencies that cause infertility, hair loss, retained placentas, stillborn kids, and even foaming at the mouth!

  • The Best way to provide minerals to your goat herd
  • The 5 big myths of goat mineral deficiency
  • Can you kill goats with over-supplementation? (yes!)


  • All organisms on planet Earth are bacteria powered
  • How do bacteria affect our health
  • How does Kombucha impact the Human Microbiome
  • What are some other ways to diversify my microbiome

Minimize the Environmental Impact of Conventional Burial Practices. Increase your self sufficiency and experience a SATISFYING grief experience.

  • Laws surrounding home death care
  • The safety of home funerals – is it safe to touch a dead body?
  • The 7 ways that home funerals heal


Cannabis Oil
Eric Zielinski
  • How to use CBD oil and not get high (or violate your religion’s doctrine)
  • How our ancestors used the Cannabis
  • Everything you need to know about CBD oil
  • The medicinal benefits of CBD oil
  • Evaluating raw land for suitability for gardening
  • Survival gardening – lots and lots of food without needing any money
  • Learn to take brand-new ground and convert it to garden beds
  • Does singing really help plants grow?  And do they like the music of the 90’s?
  • What materials you should NEVER use to make raised bed gardens
  • The best method for planting herbs, vegetables, flowers, bushes, and trees
  • How to fix plants that are ‘root bound’
  • The mulch to use to prevent cats (or squirrels) from digging in your garden

Appropriate technology for food preparation and preservation:

  • Is low tech
  • Re-purposes and reuses materials on hand
  • Uses natural materials
  • Enables you to eat healthy, homegrown, safely preserved food while saving money and the planet!

There is hope for those with gluten intolerance….

  • How to know if a sourdough recipe (from the web) has the full nutritional benefits
  • Einkorn Wheat; more nutritious, easier to digest, half the phytic acid
  • 3 differences between Einkorn wheat and modern wheat
  • How to make a no-knead einkorn sourdough artisan loaf… with 15 minutes hands-on time total!
  • Learn about an all-natural powder that can more than double root size and vigor
  • Find out how to boost production where sunlight is skimpy
  • Check out our “secret weapon” for slugs and other pests
  • How to boost production when you don’t have quite enough sunlight